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Coaches Code of Conduct

NFL Flag Ventura County – Coaches Code of Conduct

Coaches are very important in teaching flag football to players. It's imperative that your attitude is positive during losses and wins.

* I agree to conduct myself in a positive manner toward my players, coaches, parents and game officials at all times.

* I will respect players, coaches, parents and game officials at all times.

* I will develop a coaching philosophy that embraces fundamentals, organization,
life lessons and friendships versus a “win at all cost” mentality.

* I will remember that kids register to play football because it is fun.

* Every child should have the opportunity to play.

* I will support and respect all decisions made by the game officials and refrain from outward criticism.

* I am responsible for understanding the rules of the game and abide by those rules at all times.

* I will support the integrity of the game and make game decisions in line with fair play and sportsmanship.

* I am responsible for completing my coaching education and safety requirements and teaching the proper fundamentals.

* I will create a safe and positive environment for my players to learn how to play the sport.

* I will listen to my fellow coaches and players regarding player safety, and when in doubt, I will sit them out of play.

* I will honor the game and my responsibility as a coach to provide a positive experience for my team.

* I shall dress neatly and appropriately for every team practice and game.

* I will not use inappropriate language.

*If a problem arises I promise to go the commissioner of NFL Flag Ventura County and work to resolve the issue without involving parents in an unnecessary fashion.